Monday, September 21, 2009


So the forecast for Sunday was sunny and fine weather and Ruth really wanted to be outdoors. So Erin and I decided we should all have an outdoorsy day as well!

We took Shrek to Karekare beach out west of Auckland. I have to say, Shrek went through a lot that day, but I'm proud of him nonetheless. =)
The weather was indeed glorious to be out at the beach. It was about 16 degrees but i stripped down to my bikini in the end and jumped into the freezing sea! It was good fun! =)

We also decided to go on a tramp so we changed into our trainers and started trekking onto some random path. Got a little lost for a bit, it was supposed to be a half an hour tramp, but we took nearly 2 hours in the end. haha...was a good route though. I thoroughly enjoyed it! =)

Fun times like these make me lazy to study. Also makes me feel slightly sad that I'm saying goodbye to these girls quite soon. =(

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