Monday, August 10, 2009

There goes one weekend. It was a fun-filled one though. Hmm...a filled one at least. half of it was fun. I had work from 8-4 on both Sat and Sun and it just took away my entire weekend. It's a good thing Monday's off for me. So I'm taking this opportunity to sleep in (but i woke up at 7.15 anyways), and to skip running (it's really windy outside, and I've got Bootcamp class tonight anyways), and to lounge around in my pj's the whole day. =) Sometimes I think my flatmates are envious of me, because I'm the only undergrad in this whole house. 1's doing PG Diploma, 1's doing Masters, and 1's doing a PhD. And they're all 22 and 23 year olds. Crazy huh? Who said Asians were the crazy nerdy geeky studious ones? haha...

Anyway, the non-working bit of my weekend was spent having good Peking Duck with Hensen and friends. It was really awesome. I don't remember having such good Peking Duck before in my life.Then yesterday night, my flatmates and I decided to make Tandoori Vegetable soup. Just because I had Tandoori paste. It was pretty delicious, aye. I really loved it. We ate it with baguettes. yum.

After that I went to the Flying Moa for Lily's farewell. I spent most of the night chatting with Lily's family. Haha...i felt so grown up, drinking tap beer and talking about the economy. But it was good, the place is quite nice. And I kept wondering whether my farewell would be quite as "felt" as her. Sure I say this now, because I'm dying to go home and be with my family and friends. And maybe a part of me would feel sad leaving Auckland another 2 years down the road. Or maybe not. Because this just isn't home. Doesn't seem like there's much to miss here. For now at least. *shrug*

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