Saturday, August 22, 2009

splish splash

I just had the worst day at work. I was refilling the water dispenser. I went out to continue my *ahem* chat with someone special on the computer, and guess what? I completely forgot about the water. Next thing I know, a member comes to the reception and says "You've got water coming out from one of your rooms". Oh boy.

I had left the water running for about 15 minutes and the entire room was flooded. And this was the staff room. With laptops, and stereos and other electronics in it. I absolutely freaked out. I stopped the tap, grabbed every towel I could find in the gym and tried desperately to soak up everything from the carpets. I shut down every electrical appliance. I contacted the owner. She didn't seem too pleased.

What seemed like 10 minutes after that 2 mall security guards appeared at the front of our gym. The hallway beneath us is leaking. OH BOY.

I was desperately trying to clean everything up. Then the owner appears. And she goes OH MY GOD. I'm screwed.

More mopping. More wiping. More cleaning. Turned every heater on. Rushed around the gym like a mad woman trying to attend to clients and conducted a circuit class and an abs class and ran around a bit more and cleaned some more, and mopped some more, lifted stuff, rearranged desks, cupboards, chairs, stereos. CHAOS.

On the brighter side, work went by extremely quickly today. And the owner wasn't really pissed in the end. She was quite nice to me. Now I just feel extremely guilty.

And exhausted.

Moral of the story. Long Distance Relationships cause more harm than good. Trust me.


jote said...

Holy Guacamole! That sounds like something straight out of a Mr Bean episode.. I hope there wasn't any serious damage as a result..

And that last sentence.. interesting..

galnexdor said...

haha nah no serious damage. the stress mustve damaged the cerebellar english grammar recognition in my brains tho. so many spelling errors i spotted. haha just corrected them all..

yeah...although im sure jon, u two would be perfectly fine. =)

Li-Ann said...

holy crap!