Wednesday, August 12, 2009

one of those posts

It is 7.35 pm. I've just had dinner. Pretty good dinner I must say. I had skinned and de-boned 2 chicken drumsticks, sliced them up and marinated it with lemon juice, pepper and salt. I then proceeded to boil the pasta. Then i chopped up some garlic, and stir fried the chicken with the garlic. For sauce, I beat 2 eggs with 2 spoonfuls of sour cream, and half a cup of soymilk.

And I ate my dinner with relish. Because it was unexpectedly good. Like seriously. I had a little more than the half portion I had planned to take. So I'm left with a small portion for tomorrow.

And now I'm here. I've always had a free night, where i don't work. But i don't know how come I feel like I've been working for the past few days non-stop. And tonight I feel extremely free. It's a nice change.

I just had really long random conversations with some friends online. They're all amusing and intriguing. I feel myself understanding myself, my life, a little better as i go on talking to them.

Tonight's one of those "whatever" nights. And i'm enjoying it. =)

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