Thursday, August 06, 2009


I can't believe I have my flight back to Auckland in February 2010 sussed out. I haven't even flown home yet! But when you play the kiasu game, you just gotta get them quick before they sell out. I am flying Air Asia to Melbourne from KL. Then Virgin Blue to Auckland from Melbourne. My flights are both so amazingly cheap, though.

But, really, I don't want to be thinking about coming back here, when I haven't even finished thinking about going home this summer. I have so many things I wanna do when I get back, it's a teeny weeny bit dampening that I have a concrete deadline now.

On a happier note, I finally sussed out my student visa as well! The requirement for a renewal is that I have NZ$5 grand in my account. I had my dad sent me some cash to make the number, but because I went to Aussie, and I took part in some races, and i bought a text book and all those stuff, I kinda struggled to keep the balance at 5 grand. So for about a month I have been trying really hard to cut back on my spending just to accumulate my pay and make the number. And now that I've got my bank statement printed and stamped and sent my application on its way, I feel a lot more free to spend. *phew*.
As a celebratory gesture, I bought myself a $15 knit jacket (which was $45 before discount mind you) and I bought my flatmates a tray of chocolate muffins from Foodtown. Simply because they've been awesome. =)


Jul said...

so nice! :)

galnexdor said...

the jacket? gracias!

Sarahjean said...

hey! nice cardigan. get one for me! hehe.