Sunday, August 23, 2009

Retail therapy. That's my excuse.

After my chaotic Saturday at work, I decided today shall be my chillax day. So, Erin and I went to do a bit of shopping. I brought Shrek (yes it has a name!) out and he was an absolute darling. =) No more smoke, ran like a winner. =) He's getting a new gasket put in on Tuesday. So that would hopefully fix the leaking.

We went to the James & August warehouse sale. I think James & August is a kiwi brand. I bought some knickers. Then I brought her to Dressmart, and I, once again, fell prey to the crazy clearance sales.

I bought a dress and a top from Glassons and almost bought a polo t from Cotton On. But I decided against it. Enough shopping for the next few months I reckon.

Then it was lunch from the Meadowbank bakery where i bought the yummiest smoked salmon bagel ever. I need to learn the art of making awesome sandwiches. My sandwiches always taste cheap, and boring. Sigh..

I should model my new buys and post photos up, but I'm too lazy to move right now. It's 10.30 pm. I'm feeling sleepy. I'm just waiting it out till it's a slightly later/cooler time to sleep.


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