Monday, August 24, 2009


I have the most jiwang playlist. Period. And it's ironic because I get most of these songs from you. And as of late, you are the main cause of my jiwangness.

I'm blogging because I'm lazy to study. I really think I should, but i can't be bothered. I've read through some stuff this afternoon. To me, studying once a day is good enough. But the voice at the back of my head is telling me I've still got heaps to cover and my mid term is in 2 days. Sometimes I think I'm such a superhero. Sigh.

Back to my playlist. I have a playlist which I have been listening to every single free minute of every single day. And ever since I found out that the internet plan this house is on has a 2GB limit, I have stopped downloading music. And for that reason, I am utterly sick of the songs in my playlist. Majority of which are given by you. It's got your style written all over it.

Listening to my playlist day after day after day makes me miss you. And when I miss you I feel a tad depressed. And when I feel a tad depressed I fail to do some of the things I had planned to do for the day. And really, the only way to remedy that is if I manage to talk to you that day. But seeing how communication is a major problem between us, talking doesn't happen very often. hmm...talking doesn't happen. period. and so I am a tad depressed most of the time. And I miss you like every single day too.

See my problem?

But my flatmates are awesome. They help me miss you less every day. But what I really want is for the day I miss you just as much as you miss me, to come.

Because I think that will be the day I am depression-free.

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