Monday, August 17, 2009

the little engine that could...not

*edit* Added photo of My Mean Green Running Machine=)

So, let me see. Whoa it's been a few days since i last blogged. Well, it wasn't because I didn't have exciting enough things to write about. Quite the contrary actually. Have been quite busy throughout the weekend with many many highs and one low.

Let's start off with good stuff. My flatmates and I finally managed to make our Chocolate Boutique flat outing come true. The cool thing about my flatmates is that we've got this massive calendar sitting on the dining table which we pen down just about everything that goes on with us (including couple anniversaries :P) and sometimes, in fact quite often, we fix specific flat outings. And it's been really fun! So the Chocolate Boutique has been shifted around quite a number of times, but hey! We finally made it there, all 5 of us, on Saturday. =)
Me with my Steamed Chocolate Pudding and Iced Mocha
The bunch of us

Then it was Yin's Big Two-Five birthday party, where I contributed an oreo cheesecake and played some rock La Bamba on guitar hero. That was fun too. I think when I'm earning enough money, I will buy the Guitar Hero set.Yin, the birthday girl

And on Sunday...*jeng jeng jengggg*....I went with Navin and Ahmed to The Ellerslie Car Fair and...yup, u guessed it...bought one. I wasn't expecting to make a purchase so soon honestly. But the moment I laid eyes on the little green thing, I fell in love! =) It was adorable, it was cheap, and when we took it for a spin it ran perfectly. I walked on to check out other cars but after seeing that one, every other car seemed dull, boring, expensive, normal. So I went back to that little green thing.
It's a Suzuki Alto 1985 model. Yeah, it's older than me. But it apparently has only ran 69,000 km. The car was in great condition, barely any dents/scratches, no leakages, everything works, it seemed like the perfect choice! So after Navin and Ahmed both spent sometime checking it out, shaking it about, revving the engine, lifting bonnets and kicking tires and what not, I started to bargain with the dealer. We got it down from $1195 to $900. Not bad I'd say. =)

Happy with my purchase, and even happier that the car comes the next day, I went all excited.

Today, I went to collect it. I signed the papers, shook hands with the dealer again, and got into my little green thing. I was happily driving it back home, feeling like I had bought my very first car with my own money, and then something went wrong.

Clouds of white smoke started coming out of my bonnet and I was in the middle of a very busy crossroad. The white smoke conitnued to escape. When I stopped at the next lights, the driver in front came down and told me to stop at the next gas station. I was a little worried, but I was consciously checking the temperature level and it wasn't going up real high so I decided to just head home first. I had to go to work anyway.

When I got home, I rung the dealer up and told him about it, but he thought I had driven with the choke pulled out. I didn't. Anyway, disappointed but still excited over my new toy, I took it to work. After work, I took it to the city to see Navin, Ahmed and Ben. And when they all gave their 2 cents engineer's talk, my heart sank deeper n deeper. I couldn't quite grasp what they were saying, but all I know is there's apparently a leakage somewhere and I'm burning engine oil.

Right now, I feel a bit sad, not because I think my car's was a rotten buy, but because I had trusted the seller quite a lot, and maybe I was naive and he was being cunning, but I really thought he was being very honest. I didnt find him the least bit shrewed at all. He came across as someone who was genuine and honest. Sigh..

Anyway, I'm bringing the car back to him the next time I'm free. I'm hoping he can do something about it. I hope everything will turn out good. I still really really like the car.

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Jayson Yong said...

ouch..once asap keluar its not a good thing anymore. 1985.. what can you expect :)

if u have some car accesories shop like super cheap auto in perth, go get those "no smoke" oil. helps bit