Thursday, July 16, 2009

A year

it's been a year
a year since i wiped the tears off my face
put on a smile, and braced myself
for everything that'd come from this place
to put that degree upon my shelf

its been a year
a year since i took it all on
the anxiousness, the excitement, the heartbreak,
half of which have long gone
half of which is still there to take

its been a year
and much of me seem to have changed
my aspirations remain the same
though my journey seems rearranged
and a different frame of mind from when i came

its been a year
and my skin's a couple of shades fairer
my body a couple of kilos lighter
my purpose somehow got a little unclear
and my drive to go on a little shakier

its been a year
and ive seen all four seasons of this town
ive made friends and carved a life for me
yet still in my heart i found
there's a longing to be close to family

it's been a year
and ive seen enough to get a little wiser
learned enough to go a bit further
yet yearned enough to want to be nearer
but fallen enough to emerge even stronger

its been a year
and though my thoughts has had their doubt
though my choices i have questioned
i hold no regret about flying this far out
and no regret of sorts, will ever be mentioned


dood said...

a year in this life of perpetual change,
a short life never short of pain,
however hard we try to unbound this chain,
still cannot unravel wat is the game.

galnexdor said...

haha...are u alright dood?

dood said...

wat do u think?

galnexdor said...

why la? what happened to u?

dood said...

me? chained!

galnexdor said...

to who? hehe..

dood said...

it should be a "whom"? =)