Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here I come...=)

Singapore, are you ready for me? =)


Goy said...


My family and I just relocated to Auckland a few weeks ago, from KL. My wife and I did some triathlon and running races in Malaysia every year. We're average only lar, but it's become part of the lifestyle. Now that the family have settled in, I'm looking for some nice routes/races in and around Auckland. Any advice? We live in North Shore.

galnexdor said...

Oh hello! um...i really haven't been doing any tris here because i don't have a bike. and i haven't swum in ages! But there are a lot of triathlons here, mostly short distance ones.

and u'll find auckland is very hilly, although they say wellington is worse. so when u find urself a running route u'll be doing a lot of hill training. =) i dont know many places in the shore except for Devonport and North Head.

The Auckland Marathon is coming up in Nov but i heard registration is already full. Its really expensive anyway.

Well, if u ever want to ask anything u can always email me @ id be more than willing to help, eventhough i dont really know that much about auckland yet. haha...