Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Of cute tutors, food diaries and hearing tests

I have an extremely cute, charming tutor for Exercise Psychology. He looks like James Marsden. If you do not know who James Marsden is, here are some visuals for you. He is Cyclops in the X-Men movies as well as Prince Edward in Enchanted. And the writer in 27 Dresses who falls for Katherine Hiegl.

For Exercise Nutrition, my first assignment is to keep a food diary for 3-7 days. I just started writing in today and I am suddenly extremely conscious of what i shove down my throat. I think I can never be a nutritionist. I'd be depressed learning about all the things that I have been eating which I shouldn't.

My flatmate Ruth is a Masters student in Audiology. She just performed a hearing test on me and I am proud to say I have very good hearing. I am especially good at picking out very high frequencies. So high pitch sounds? Yeah, I can pick those out pretty well.

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-3niGma- said...

mmMMmmm...wish i had a hunky tutor to look forward too...