Monday, July 27, 2009

book noob

Buying books is stressful. There, I've said it. For my birthday, a friend gave me a $20 gift card for Borders. About a month later, the manager at the gym rewards every staff with a $10 gift card for Borders. So I have $30 to spend on anything in Borders and I have decided, maybe it's time to buy a book. I've always wanted to buy a book. Just to diminish that jock-ish persona about myself a little, and integrate a little bit of intellectuality in my life.

In my defense, I do read books. I have read quite a number, I might add, but all of which I borrowed from friends and the Metro College library and what have you. Oh, and Jon bought me an Agatha Christie for my 21st birthday. I've only ever bought myself 2 books in my life. And they're special edition books from the teenage fiction series Fearless by Franscine Pascal. Yes, the one who wrote Sweet Valley. But I followed Fearless until Novel House disappeared from Taipan. I loved that series so much, I plan to name my future daughters Gaia and Katia based on that book. =) So eventhough, I admit to being an extremely slow reader, I have read books and popular ones, too.

So why is it stressful, now that I have free money to buy myself a book?

Well, for starters, I just realised books are pretty darn expensive! An average sized book costs at least $30. It's ridiculous! There I was thinking I could get 2 books with my gift cards and just pay a little bit more. But it looks like I can only afford one book and still have to fork out a bit more.

Second of all, because I can only afford one book, making a decision to pick the book is so hard! See, I don't buy books. So if I'm about to get myself this one book, I want this book to be a representative of me, my character, my personality. I want this one book on the book shelf, alongside my 2 Fearless books, to give people an idea of who i am! And I don't want to waste that $30 on something which I don't really like halfway through. It has to be a book i absolutely love from cover to cover because I don't buy books, but I "had to buy" that one. Even if it was a gift. Am I making any sense?

So i've been diligently browsing Borders and Whitcoulls whenever I have some spare time, either waiting for the train, or waiting for work to start. And each time I pick up a different book, I start reading a few pages and i realise...i am into it! And I really want to bring it home and finish it...but how can I decide?!

There're books by Jodi Picoult, author of My Sister's Keeper which i absolutely loved when I read it. I was reading A Change of Heart and The Pact earlier on and i loved the stories of both of them. But then I picked up this other book about romance and comedy and I thought, hey, that's pretty hilarious! And today i spotted a new book by Mary Higgins Clark, my favourite thriller author! I spent a good amount of my time reading her short stories while I was in Metro. Then there're those movie novels, like Twilight and Chocolat which I hear are pretty good as well.

Oh, the fickleness! I really cannot decide what to blow my $30 on. I have decided to put my book search on hold for now and start reading The Da Vinci Code, which the boyfriend lent me before I came here. I didn't particularly enjoy Angels and Demons until I was about 2/3 through the book. I don't know if I'll survive through the first 10 chapters of Da Vinci but I shall try, since the book is already here, now, in my hands.



irvinz said...

so... you could sell your 30 dollar voucher to me for 25. that way you dont have a headache and i have an excuse to buy bass magazines =)

kev said...

Li-Ann shares your sentiments. Our friends gave her a $160 Borders voucher for her birthday and she finds Borders books are at least $2-$5 more expensive than RRP!

Joanne Khoo said...

norwegian wood by haruki murakami =)

dood said...

hey galnexdor,
Try this site:

note on joanne's....
i've not read haruki murakami but i've seen the books lined up the shelves and lots of seemingly weird titles. from a japanese writer, norweigian wood? chuckles! wat does a jap know about norweigian or that other writer gish jen who wrote about being irish. gish jen who is chinese apparently also wrote about being jewish. more chuckles! i wonder wats wrong or wats right with these misplaced

Sher Mayne said...

i also hv book vouchers from borders and whitcoulls from my bday... and i don't read books at all... lolx!!

n after many months on thinkin what to do with them...i'm gna use it to buy birthday cards for ppl and highlighters ... haha!!!

galnexdor said...

vinz: no. i cant sell my birthday present! haha..

kor: issit? hmm Borders has a much much wider selection than other stores i guess. and perhaps its also like a high class bookstore. *shrug*

joanne: i think i saw that too!! u reckon i'd like it? i'll go check it out again

dood: ur link presented me with a woman's bare ass. anyway, ur only giving me MORE choices! sigh..

shermayne: ah..thats pretty handy too. but no, i wanna buy a book! haha it''ll be the first full fledged fiction novel i buy on my own. im excited! haha

dood said...

oh...bare ass?!? so sorry bout that buddy! didnt notice