Sunday, July 12, 2009

winter of 2009

My winter escapades have ended. I have another week before uni starts again and my dad has somehow persuaded me to attend the semester 2 Orientations. I guess I should la, since I skipped the first 2 semesters'. Imagine that...after a year of being in Auckland I am still trying to find my fit in this place. sigh...the fact that Mummy said her colleague's daughter has already traveled to both north and south island of NZ has made me realise what an antisocial loser I have been this past year. My competitive side has kicked in. I am sociable. I am adventurous. I am keen. If there were anybody who could carve a life for herself in a new country it would be ME. It is about time I get myself out of this homesick puppy rut and get out there and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

Anyway, my aussie trip was awesome. I've already mentioned that a gazillion times. And I still wish I were still there.
With Fang, Bec, Kenneth and Siew Wan on the first night

With Jane, my primary schoolmate.

With Arvind and Elaine for awesome brunch which Elaine treated! Thanks Elaine!

Melbourne was mostly shopping and eating. There were moments where I was alone coz everyone was busy. So I just went about my own ways, which, try as I might to refrain from, became shopping adventures inevitably. I got myself a few new items, nothing too damaging though. They were cheap stuffs!

Then it was on to Sydney, and the first thing I had to do was catch Pei jien before she flew back to Melbourne!
With Pei Jien and Anne at Pancakes at the Rocks.

I think the best part of Sydney was tagging along with Mel and her collegue to do marin scientist-ish stuff. We went to collect seawater and then Mel brought me to look for sea animals!
Urchin at Little Bay.

Sydney Opera House and the best chocolate ice cream ever!

But like all good things, my Aussie holiday ended way too soon. I was really reluctant to leave. Even my ski trip wasn't exciting enough to trump the heaviness I had when I flew back to Auckland. But then, the moment I saw the ski fields, that changed. I was a happy girl again. =)
Mount Ruapehu, Ohakune.

View from the chair lift. Gorgeous.

I took snowboarding. It was awesome! It's true what they say. A whole lot harder than skiing. I have such a sore bum from falling over. My knees weren't spared too since i fell both backwards and forwards. Face planting they call it. Not fun. heh.

So now, it's back to work. I seriously need to earn back all that money spent. Seriously. sigh...


dood said...

looks of youth, repose, gay n dreamy,
feeling all of immortality,
days ever joyful n brimming,
sights and scent all of eternity.

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Jackie Voon said...

I finally got a short period of time to surf the internet freely. Wow!So many happenings and meet ups! So so nice! Everyone is everywhere!