Thursday, July 09, 2009


I miss it already. the 1 week i spent with friends in Melbourne and Sydney was amazing. It was really good fun just immersing myself in the huge variety of delicious gourmet food, the company of close friends, the awesome sales, but it wasn't so much the diverse cultures and modern bustling city and efficient public transport that's got me wishing to go back, rather the company of familiar faces and reminiscing fond memories. ah...i miss all of them now!

but i guess all holidays must come to an end. i'm heading to Mt Ruapehu tomorrow morning to hit the snow slopes. and as much as i try to be enthusiastic about it, i can't help but wish i were going with Mel or Anne or Pei Jien or Elisha or even Wai Hong! haha...

Maybe it's just the fatigue speaking. I reckon I would be in a much better frame of mind tomorrow morning.
Ah...i think i'll dream of souvlaki tonight...

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