Wednesday, July 01, 2009


The house has been rather quiet past couple of days. My flatmates are going home one by one. Admittedly I'd always have one of them around so I am never completely alone. But there were long hours where i'd have the whole place to myself before the other gets back. And it's just so...lonely.

Everyone I know has someone with them. Everyone I know has either flown home to their families, has their family over or has a boyfriend/girlfriend around. I really am glad I chose to go to Aussie in the end. I think I would've seriously died of homesickness-slash-loneliness if i had chosen to stay back and work.

But even in Aussie, everyone's got someone. Kenneth's going home shortly after I arrive. Siew Wan stays with her boyfriend. Everyone in Melbourne has someone with them. In Sydney, Mel's mom is around. Anne and Pei Jien are with their respective boyfriends.

And then it's back to Auckland, to an empty house again. This sucks. Winter is officially my most hated season. I hate winter with a passion so strong now. Which further affirms my decision to stay in a non-seasonal country. Gee, Malaysia doesn't have seasons. There we go. No need to think anymore. *hmmph*

I think I'd be extremely glad once semester starts. Because although I am getting used to the place, it really sucks to have no loved one nearby. It really does.

When semester 2 starts, it's only 14 weeks till the end of it.

Now if you'll allow me, I'll go sleep off my blues, thank you. See u in the morning, hopefully on the right side of the bed.


valeriechuan said...

well my dear nxt yr u will regret for not doin tis or that in the last winter!

I used to dread winter too.As for you,u've got an apportunity to travel to somwhere else for winter hols.

I suggest that u come out a list of things or places u wanan visit in aussie lorrrrrrrrrrrr..

Doesn mean must have some one to do it with u one mar...u can go kai kai urself too

sometimes if u go kai kai urself u will somehow be more observant..when u're with some one u probably dont realise things around u as much as when u're alone..yeahhh..

u goin Kevin's place right? when everyone back form work then u will have teman ady lor

Please enjoy your winter break as much as possible relax dont touch ur book at all!

when the new sem starts later on u will be totally refreshed and glad that you have spent your holiday wisely ;-)

okay? HUGS!

valeriechuan said...

p/s: u msg me Hooiliannnnn....then u went offline..and i tot must be smtg ady...and the nxt thing that pop in my mind was " head to karen's blog!"...HAHAHAHA

i will find my answer there...hahahahaha