Saturday, February 28, 2009

strongest man in my life

For the past couple of weeks back home, all i've been hearing on the radio when they announce events was "Catch the strongest men and women in the world as they pit against each other in the upcoming Langkawi Ironman 2009!" And though that sounded pretty corny, and slightly off-tangent (because it's the fittest not the strongest)...i was actually pretty darn proud that I knew people who were taking part in that race.

And especially so since my own brother was there. I was initally a little sad that I couldn't go and watch him compete and complete this impossible task. But thanks to I was able to track his progress and i must say it is pretty thrilling going in and checking back every 30 minutes to see how much he has completed.

And if i was so anxious about the race just by watching some numbers come on the screen everytime it refreshes, i cannot imagine the intensity in Langkawi.

This is he.

Strongest man in my life right now.

Toughest, leanest, most dedicated athlete I know.

Completing the Ironman Langkawi 2009 in a gruelling 11 hours 15 minutes, a time far better than he had targeted.

My brother the Ironman.

Congrats kor!

wow...i can tumpang glamour man. =)


C-CUBE said...

he is incredible!!!! you can do the same by running an ultra 84k marathon next.

galnexdor said...

hahaha yea he is...

and i dont think 84 km is very enjoyable....

kev said...

Wah, thank you, thank you! Now just compiling photos and recollecting memories, don't know where to start to blog!

galnexdor said...


dood guy said...

take it easy, dont run too much. the knees gonna give way someday...

Anonymous said...

hi karen, how are u? back in auckland?

kudos to kevin.. i was following all our frieds' progress on IM live too.. his timing was really good... very impressive!!

kevin, what is your blog..? tell more bout the prep up to race day itself!! should be interesting!


galnexdor said...

Hey neeza!!!

yup back in Auckland. all's good. Uni just started. how are U? working already right? I see ur photos on fb once in a while. U look like ur having fun. =)

Bro's blog is