Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bukit Tabur (Klang Gates)

So I've heard of this pretty cool hill just outside of KL city, of which the impression I got was that 'twas a generally easy climb with very seasoned tracks and a great view to boot. It was as close as you can get to a free mountain climbing experience, I guess.

Yesterday morning, Dennis, Jason, Steven, Melody and myself went to affirm that. We were supposed to get an early head start but we were being extremely Malaysian so we only started at about 8 am. I had done some reading up on this climb beforehand and from what I gathered I definitely wasn't prepared for what lay ahead of us. Seriously.

Some people said it was dangerous, but as always, I took comments like these with a pinch of salt because I always think it can't be that tough if so many people frequent the hill every day. Well, I stand corrected. There are 2 sides to Bukit Tabur, the east and the west. Right now, it escapes my memory whether we climbed the east or west side, but if you were looking at the dam, we climbed the right hand side of it. Not by choice. By coincidence. We didn't know there was another side till we were halfway up.
still standing.

And that climb was a tough one. Though I have a few mountains conquered under my belt, I am no where near a veteran when it came to mountain climbing. So when I say that it was quite a challenge for anyone between absolute first timers to people like me (climbed a few mountains, does minimal rock climbing and adventure racing).
It was indeed a pretty dangerous climb, and it requires one to be very careful and cautious especially when on the rocky slopes. You'll definitely have yo dirty your hands, bum, knees if you want to climb safely.
But the view was quite a sight. Who knew that this gorgeous lake existed just right outside the hustle bustle of our KL city? And that, to me was the beauty of that climb. Stumbling upon something I never knew could be found in my city till yesterday. What more, it was absolutely free. And I can revisit it any time because it's so near! =)

I had a great time. Got a bit dehydrated because I didn't bring enough water. But absolutely loved it! =)

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