Saturday, February 28, 2009

Karen in Auckland 2.0

Forgive me if this post turns out slightly dull and melancholic because I don't think I myself have quite fathomed the fact that I am back in Auckland and my 3 month summer had just whizzed past me faster than I could say FUN.

So I am back here. I took the MAS direct flight because my mom worries I might once again get stuck in some foreign airport and she wouldn't be able to rescue me. I guess i shouldn't complain since it is helluva lot shorter - only 10 hours compared to 13 hours on Thai Air. MAS food was kinda lousy though, but then again it could be because I was terribly homesick at that moment that my appetite was probably at its lowest.

I reached Auckland yesterday 12:55 Auckland time. Weather was gloomy and wet, which was exactly what greeted me last July. Auckland must really love me...

I am now staying with Aunty Jane and family. They've been absolutely lovely to me, really makes leaving home a whole lot better. Was supposed to be looking for another place to stay, found one pretty neat place, but Aunty Jane's offer to let me stay here longer term kinda sits at that corner of my mind screaming "You're free from cooking!". I don't know. As much as I'd love the warmth and company of another Chinese family, I really thought I should toughen up and get out there. Be independent. Stay with people of different cultures. Tolerate. Learn to adapt. Survive. All that jazz. But that bratty pampered princess side of me seems to be winning that mind battle. Sigh.

Owell, on a brighter note, i went running! And it was pretty bad. But at least I've got my engines fired up a bit. SHould be able to keep it up once the wet weather subsides.

Alrightey then. I'm happy. Pretty thrilled to go back to uni. No seriously. I am, honest. =)

Till next time.

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