Sunday, February 01, 2009

omg it's February

and I've got 25 days before I bid farewell once again to good easy cheap food, people to talk to at the dining table, and xoxo's from the boyfriend. A girl's gotta give up what a girl's gotta give up to pursue her dreams...

almost 3 months and what have i done? i guess the ultimate goal was to just spend as much time as possible with friends and loved ones and that, i guess, i pretty much have achieved la. but i still feel like i'm chasing time to do stuff. but what kinda stuff? i don't even know myself. guess it's just the feeling of time running out, which kinda pressurises me to get up and go do something...just something...anything! so for these last 25 days i shall busy myself every single day. Peeps, if you're around and u still want a bit of my time BOOK ME SOON! =)

Anyway, it was a twist of fate that the day my family decides to host our annual CNY open house dinner yesterday night, I woke up with a swirling tummy, a major headache, a bitterness in my mouth and a long long day of throwing up and diarrhea. It was pretty sad. I had quite a few things planned. I wanted to cook up a couple of things but I was so sick I couldn't even stand on my feet for more than 5 minutes. I pretty much lay down the whole day in a fetal position, getting up and running to the bathroom whenever needed.

Blearrghhh...bad day. But I'm all good today. I woke up with an empty stomach growling for food, which is always a sign that I'm back to normal. =)

p/s: those darn rats scurrying about in my ceiling are annoying as hell~!


Wengie said...

its the sign of preggersness

galnexdor said...


..melanie.. said...

HEY CALL ME LA DEI! i lost your new number along with my phone and so now i'm stuck at home!!

valeriechuan said...

i am not sure if i told u..those darn rats bit my aircon wire up the ceiling..i was in the room chilling suddenly i smell burning smell and Poof my aircon stopped working!..LOL

it happened the night before my flight the next morning..LOL..

yeah so i had to sleep that night w/o aircon..u can imagine lar how hot it was...

but ok la i slept for 3-4hrs only then off to airport already..hehe..

time flies! time fliesss =)