Thursday, February 26, 2009

time to go

After 91 days (could've been 94, no thanks to Bangkok) of convenient 24 hour mamaks, cheap delicious hawker food, daily yumcha sessions with friends, good ol' mega sales, high (wrongly) pitched karaoke songs, mummy home cooked dinners, rough and tumble with the brothers, long chats with daddy, and heaps of cuddles and pecks from the is finally trime to go.

It was a great summer of 08/09, one that would make leaving tomorrow night really really hard to bear. But that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed myself this summer. I did things I had planned to do, and things that I didn't expect to do. Met up with almost everyone I wanted to meet up with. It's a pretty nice feeling you get from these little reunions. And that is the one consolation I derive from studying abroad that keeps me motivated - the sweetest taste of a reunion.

I am a little edgy, a tad nervous, slightly excited, almost thrilled, but tremendously heavy-hearted. Tell me it's normal...=)

Owell, here's a snippet of a the things I've been drowning myself in...

See you guys in Auckland! =)

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