Friday, February 06, 2009

D time

I've been able to spend quite a lot of time with Dennis lately and it's been pure bliss. Of course, i'm guilty of neglecting my home a bit, but i promise to allocate more home and family time from now on.

So Dennis and I have been trying to think of alternative places to go to instead of the usual movies, wine and dine and other couply areas. I figured anywhere that is within driving distance, doesn't require a lot of money and is fun and refreshing would do it. So here are some of the places we visited in the past few days.

We visited the Deer Park in KL. Didn't think it still existed, did you? Well it did and it was FOC entry. It's located INSIDE Lake Gardens itself. The Deer Park that I recollect in my head was vast and the deers and mousedeers ran free. But that was over 15 years ago or so. Now the mousedeers are kept in cages and the deers are in fenced up areas. Honestly they look rather scrawney and malnourished. I brought a long baguette (though, expired) to feed the deers eventhough there was a sign outside which said no feeding of outside food and drinks. Nobody saw us anyway.

This is Bob. Dennis named it. Gender unidentified. It was the first deer to venture near to the fence, so it got food. the others joined in much later when i didn't have much food left.

Then we went to Petaling Street to have a late late lunch. After that, it rained so we ran helter skelter and found ourselves a Reggae Bar just somewhere along the street. It was, in Dennis' words, a Bob Marley shrine. Lots of reggae looking people there. And drinks were pretty cheap! Ladies get simple spirit with mixers for only RM8 nett anytime any day. Dennis' mojito only cost RM13 ++ i think. Not bad right? Quite a cool place with lots of very island looking people smoking shisha outside. =)

Two days after that, which was yesterday, we decided to visit Sepang Gold Coast. Betcha heard a lot about it, good and bad stuff, and just wondered to yourself "wah we also got Gold Coast meh?". Actually, you've probably seen the sign many times if you ever need to go to LCCT. So anyway, a friend of ours had some good things to say about this place so I figured, ok la, let's go to this inconspicuous Sepang Gold Coast.

It was a rather long drive in, but signs are plenty and i don't think you'll get lost eventhough you go through a whole lot of kampung roads and slightly dodgy areas. When we got there, we were kinda stumped by this vast area of...nothing. The information center was done up nicely. The beach was laced with flags and the water villas are still in development, but apart from that there's nothing much there. Beach also not that nice, water also like tak cukup.

But we stayed a little longer, soaked in the vast landscape of sand, ate my DIY salad (which turned out pretty good using my homemade salad dressing) and drank some beer. Then the sun began to set a little and the beach was bathed in dim yellow. It was pretty nice after that.

There was an area of the beach that was covered with crabs! Like the wholeeee area!

Turned out to be quite a nice romantic place in the end. We took some photos with the sunset and when mosquitoes started to kill the mood, we made a move. Went on to Kajang to have dinner with Mel and her friends at this clubhouse atop a hill. Was quite nice too, but didn't take photos. =)I'm trying hard not to count the days. Gonna just enjoy being around D as much as possible. =)

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