Friday, February 20, 2009

(Almost) free dinner for Valentine's

*edit* This is my 1000th post! =)

Now i bet some of you are wondering what hopelessly-romantic moi was up to with my hopefully-romantic-of-a-boyfriend on Valentine's? Ok, if you aren't, humour me. =)

We went trekking! yes yes, we went to Pisang Falls which is located off Karak Highway. I have been there before with Ati, Dektos and Ronald a while ago. Seeing that it was rather easy to trek in, and how the last time we went, there weren't many people there, I figured it would be the perfect romantic getaway ala Survivor! And Dennis suggested that we should make each other lunch! It'll be a surprise!

And though he warned me that it wasn't a competition, I kinda got a little carried away, and wanted to outdo impress him. Lunch didn't really turn out the way we planned, but all in all, it was a pretty perfect Valentine's Day. Sitting in freezing fresh stream water just hanging out with him just overwrote every thing that didn't go right that morning. yes, even the fact that the once quiet Pisang Falls that was etched in my head had people going in and out like a public bus stop was no biggie.

Totally forgot to snap photos, so this should do. =) We closed the night with dinner at Bella Italia in SS12...

V-Day didn't end there for us though. Because the following day, we were asked to go to Sunway Pyramid! See, D and I took part in this Valentine's Day contest where we had our hands printed on a wall there, next to a message we carefully constructed. Mind you, we walked around Pyramid for no less than 30 minutes, trying to come up with witty one liners, cheesy statements, or anything that would turn heads, grab attention and melt hearts. So it was quite thrilling when we were the top 20 finalists. Even more so when we turned out to be top 3!
Click for larger image. Ours is the postcard looking one. The one right beneath us won first place

First place was a pair of diamond rings, which quite honestly wouldn't be of any use to me if we did win it. I'd probably start worrying because then i'd be tempted to marry the boy! haha! Ok, i think my parents are starting to worry now. =) So, no, we got 2nd place and didn't win those duamond rings. Dennis thinks it is because we kept saying we didn't want diamond rings. So, as sore loser as this may sound, we were actually eyeing 2nd place because 2nd place was a free dinner for two at Itallianies! Which we got=)

Read more here...

Tonight, for our Thursday do, we went there for dinner. It was actually a RM100 voucher. Dinner wasn't absolutely free. I was surprised how easily RM100 can be achieved. Tsk tsk...fine dining....owell, dinner was well earned. =) Other prizes we got were Sunway Lagoon all park tickets, make up set from Bodyshop, Clinique makeover vouchers and some Metrojaya vouchers.

So from a string of pretty sad, lonesome Valentine's in the past few years, we celebrated V-day with quite a bang this year. *happy sigh*...=)

how did my 3 months become 7 days in just a wink?

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