Wednesday, March 04, 2009

just thoughts.

slept in today till 9. felt rejuvenated.

met a friend from last semester. chatted all through the 30 min bus ride to the city. felt like "hey, I've got friends".

did pretty okay in my first lab. helped out 3 other students in calculation. felt pretty proud.

walked through Albert Park with a bounce. saw a guy sitting on the grass, sketching the city panorama. it was pretty darn good.

saw a couple hugging on the grass. thought of D. missed D.

waited on Queen's. saw a girlfriend get into the car and receiving a kiss from the boyfriend. thought of D. smiled.

hopped into Shaun's car. chatted all the way. felt like I'm part of a group.

had dinner with Shaun and friends. thought of Sher Mayne. thought of Kauri Run. thought of hols. thought of summer approaching. thought of going back. stopped thinking.

talked about movies. thought of D again. missed D again.

came home. found D online. told him everything. felt loved.


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dood guy said...

trust not thy sentiments of thy youth,
for they come and go like spring,
but wait till your love held out its myth,
for wisdom they will surely bring