Sunday, March 15, 2009

semana dos - Round the Bays

Week 2 came and went. Living with the Cheahs have been pretty good and for one reason - food! Dinner with the Cheahs brings something new every day. From barbecued steak and pork and lamb, to nasi lemak with chicken curry, to lamb shank! I feel like I'm not losing any of the kilos i put on during summer. Oh! and there's wine! red, white, sparkling! One glass almost every dinner. Still think I'm not overly pampered here?? =) And it's so nice of aunty, uncle, and Lily to listen to my random ramblings of the day. See, I need that outlet. I need people to pour my daily do-derrings onto else i'll go bonkers. *grin*School has been pretty alright. I somehow don't exactly feel the rush of exams and assignments yet. Nothing too intense has been happening except for a Spanish assignment which I just finished yesterday, handing it in tomorrow. This week should be slightly different though because I'll be going into the cadaver lab.

Work has been okay. I managed to meet some of my former clients and they all seem pretty happy to see me. An old colleague even popped by on Saturday to say hi and it was so nice to see her! Man I miss all of my former colleagues. But life hasnt exactly been all that bad at Configure. It's quite alright. I get less responsibilities when I work only once a week. =) I'm going for interview sometime this week at Unisports - the gym on campus just right outside where I'm staying. If I get that job it'll be really really convenient.

Round the Bays happened this morning! And it was super duperly fun! My only regret was I didn't have my phone with me to snap pictures! There were people in costumes - bunny ears, furry suits, medievil, halloween, angel wings, u name it! And because it was such a huge corporate fundraiser affair, lots of companies send their employees with t-shirts made JUST for this run. And these T-shirts have some really funky words on them. There was this group who sprinted past me and their shirts had "Sprinting for Safe Sex" on the back of them. haha! Must've been Durex or something. And there was a couple of live bands playing in one of those convertible trucks which turn into a stage...just along the route. So nice!

The run itself is 8.4 km. It started pretty late, at 9.45 am. And the sun was pretty hot then. I had sunscreen on, don't worry. =) I did pretty alright, completing it in 45:21. The entire route was by the bay and it was really windy and sunny. Really nice scenary and all. I loved it!

After the race we all walked to the corporate tents which oddly were all on a field like a kilometre away. I kept thinking if it were that way with Malaysians, nobody would walk to the darn field. Malaysians are just too darn lazy and Malaysia is just too darn hot. Even though the field was bursting with the smell of grilled bratwurst, lamb, turkey and what nots. Heaps of companies had tents there, a few 100 of them I think. And lucky for us, Yin, is part of Ernst & Young. So she scavenged some food for us, and a couple bottles of beer. yum! =)

I ended today with dinner together with Abby and Lily. Caught up with the girl. Was good. No pictures tho. owell...=)

Long fun day. Tomorrow week 3 starts. I honestly think time isn't moving fast enough. Sigh..

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