Saturday, March 21, 2009

the forbidden truth

i think most students studying abroad fail to admit this to their parents back at home. perhaps because they fear that poor mum and dad might start to worry. they may think that after all that money, obscene amounts of cash which can be used for so many other things (like buy 3 other cars my dad always says), can go down the drain just like that.

what happened to focus? what happened to not straying? what happened to "don't worry, i'll be fine!"

alas! life in a foreign country, devoid of the comforts of your warm humid climate, protective air conditioned car, comfy patch-work blanket carefully crafted by grandma, soft cuddly bolster and cheap teh o panas in the night at your local mamak joint, is a tough journey. one can definitely go astray.

but i took the brave step today. i spilled the forbidden truth to mum and dad via Skype video call.

i looked them straight in the eye and said...

"mummy, daddy, I'm SICK. Got cough, got cold, got sore throat"

And suddenly it felt like I was 6 all over again. Just over the internet. =)


fook said...

big children =p

galnexdor said... so far away...want to manja again...:P