Friday, March 06, 2009

semana uno

Hola! Que tal? =)

It's been one week since I landed back here in Kiwiland. And things have been looking great! I have pretty much been adopted by the Cheahs and they have taken extremely good care of me. Especially when it comes to food. I think it's Aunty Jane's mission to fatten me up. This was tonight's dinner.looks pretty darn yummy huh? her seafood sambal mussels were awesome. =) Living with a family really makes a huge difference. Oh, did i not tell you? I'm staying here for a semester. Figured I'd try it out. I'm loving it here, but already regretting it. I'm just as pampered here as I am back home, if not more. I get all my meals cooked for me and even my clothes folded. geez...the plan is to find a place to stay this winter before i turn into one of those pampered students who has everything done for her, and fails to learn nothing.

Studies wise, week 1 just finished. I'm taking Spanish this semester, hence the title (which means week 1) and the greeting (which means, Hello, what's up?). And Spanish is pretty fun! Biosci isn't too bad. But i have a familiar feeling this is just the beginning and i foresee more hair pulling moments in the near future over this subject. And my Sportsci papers this semester are pretty boring. 102 and 103 are all theory based. Except for one small part of 103 which involves looking at cadavers! ooh what fun! =) Apart from that, my 102 lecturer is a feminist. meh.

I signed up for some runs, and then i realised that i've been scheduled to work on those sundays. bummer. Gonna try and reschedule my work, which by the way has good and bad news to it. Good news is I got a pay raise. =) bad news is, they only need me on sundays. they've got enough people for other days. now I gotta look for another job.

umm...yeah. thats all ive got for week 1. =) till next week...

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