Monday, July 07, 2008

The Ultimate Race

Dennis looking sleepy

Dennis and i took part in a race on Sunday. He was my teammate for The Ultimate Race - a shopping mall race a la The Amazing Race held in 1 Utama organized by When we signed up (which was on Tuesday) there was only one other form in the folder. So I kinda thought it would be an easy win because, get this, first prize was RM10,000 and there were 10 consolation prizes, RM1,000 each. So I figured, if another 8 more teams joined, we would still be able to bag RM1,000. I asked Jon and Sarah to sign up to since they were there on Tuesday as well.

me attempting to look "ferocious", failing obviously. the crowd waiting for race to begin.

Come Sunday morning, 1 Utama was swarmed with youngsters in trainers and sporty gear all drenched with spirit and adrenaline rush. It was a bit of a disappointment for me, but I should've seen it coming with such attractive prizes. There were 140 odd teams. No kidding!

Dennis' number on which i doodled. :) The first clue.

Race was delayed due to lots of queueing and waiting for marshalls to get ready. we were all given t shirts and numbers to be worn during the race. i really didn't know what to expect of the race. but i bumped into a lot of people that I knew - Hooi Lian and Li Yi was one of them! haha...

One of the challenges was to climb at Camp 5! woohoo~!

Race finally kicked off at 11.45 am when it was supposed to start at 10.45 am. And boy did we run! we ran across the entire new wing of 1 utama, up and down emergency staircases. I honestly have not run so hard before. And Dennis could run! For most parts of the race i was clearly out of breath. It didn't help that i was in jeans and Crocs sandals. And an underwired bra. I know, pretty dumb move for a person who's a season racer. But I guess i kinda unerestimated the race. My bad.

Another challenge was to look for the diving center. I never knew they had a diving center! and a pool!

Needless to say we both worked up quite a sweat and quite an apetite by the end of the race too. But we came in a tad too late. the 11th team finished half an hour before us, or so we were told. So no cash prize for us.

But it was exremely fun! I never had so much fun racing before, seriously. Perhaps i was racing with my boyfriend, and perhaps he was a super teammate! Or perhaps it's coz it wasn't under the hot sun for a change. But i had a blast!:)


kev said...

Lansi lah, wear jeans and crocs. You look down on the race ah?!

Didn't know Hooi Lian was back.

galnexdor said...

hahah kind of la...regretted...

yupyup she's back...=)