Thursday, July 10, 2008

sawadeekap from Bangkok

hey! yup am currently in Bangkok International Airport. took me awhile to find a network i could connect to but finally i did!

It was almost funny how i sat down at a spot, take out my laptop, connect to one of the many unsecured networks and fail to surf the internet. then i get up and go find another spot and do the same thing again. i think i did it about 4-5 times...until i gave up, sent dennis and my mum a text saying i cant find an internet connection. i made my way to the boarding gates, tried my luck one last time and voila! im connected to MSN!

Anyway, i've got a 3 hour transit here. i managed to get my parents on MSN, dennis and some friends too. nothing like staying connected from a foreign country i tell you. Feels pretty good. :)

I had a rather large entourage come to see me off at KLIA just now. Am very very touched indeed. Eventhough i kinda made some of them come. ahaha...owell, here are some photos.

yupyup...i'm off to auckland. will upload more photos soon. see ya!


dektos said...

Hmm last pic...

Looks like I am about to eat someone!

Btw, since we left earlier - any shedding of tears? =P

galnexdor said...

heyyy...haha someone stole ure fries??

um...not really la...teary eyed maybe got la...=)