Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rain rain go away

rain, rain go away
come again another day
come at night if you must
end at dawn and start at dusk
let the sun peek from the skies
keep those raindrops from my eyes
stop your wind that howls aloud
unless they're here to shoo the clouds
keep my jeans all dry and nice
i swear i haven't done any vice
i am but new to the country
i don't like how you're welcoming me
rain, rain go away
let the flowers grow as they may
keep me warm below my knees
rain, rain...please?

on other things, I got myself another job. *gasp* can i cope? Of course i can! My gymnastics coaching job only takes up Mondays. So the rest of the week i'm free. :) So i took on this gym trainer job in Sylvia Park so i can conveniently walk across to and from work. It's a GREAT place to work. NOTHING like the gym I worked in before. NO sales targets. Just concentrate on meeting people and helping them get fit! I've been taking body measurements so far, and just showing them around the gym. And my colleagues are really nice and friendly. And my uniform is a black dri-fit top and NIKE tracks! Ah...i *heart* my life now. :)

My studies are getting more interesting too! sport science rock, i tell you. If only they sent their students on like races and competitions and stuff. that would be so awesome. :) but yea, seriously, my course is amazing!


Gene said...

i was kinda wondering, why that nursery rhyme didn't sound anything like how mummy sang it.

galnexdor said...

hahhaha...u mean ur mum never thought u the real one? aww...

well, i suppose u can sing mine to the same tune? i think...

valeriechuan said...

*testing* something wrong with my browser since few days back streamyx connxtion was soooo bad!! or u didn update:P

galnexdor said...

hahaha...update diii