Thursday, July 17, 2008

Auckland City

Auckland city isn't very huge. it's roughly the size of Melbourne city. I don't think i've walked all the roads yet, but i think i've seen enough. I headed to the city today to collect my student ID from the city campus. and to sign up for Student Job Search. =)
standing at the pits of the valley

One very distinctive feature of the city is it's terrain. It's really HiLLy! i actually find it really cool coz I keep imagining myself zorbing through the roads in the city, over all the traffic! haha, could be fun. :)
yup, lots of uphill...but the park's beautiful though...

And I think I don't have to worry so much about putting on weight now. Because the road to uni from the train station goes through a valley in the center of the city. and when i reach the very top of the other side, i have to surpass Albert Park, which is also a park atop a hill! yea, more uphill climbing.

Anyway, i didn't take many pictures of the uni coz i was extremely hungry at that time. I couldnt wait to get done with my stuff and find a place to eat. And so when i finally got my student card, bought my concession train tickets, signed up for Student Job Search, i almost ran across Albert Park, to this quaint little Japanese restaurant I spotted on my way up called Roll Black Sushi or something. Can't really remember. They serve fantastic sushi! and free green tea too! :)
D, the one on the far right 2nd row has pineapple, avocado and cream cheese...yummmm...

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Karoline said...

Hi Karen, heard you are in Akl! :) I love NZ, my sis lives on the Shore. Hope you are enjoying every bit of it :) All the best in your studies.