Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First day of school

Yup, so after my mount wellington adventure, what happened was...Uni started!

And my first day of uni, was needless to say very unorthodox. it was the kind of "first day of school" where everything that could possibly go wrong, did go wrong. Here's how it went.

I rose bright and early at 7.15 am. Got ready, and had a banana for breakfast with some hot tea. Walked to the train station across my flat and boarded the train to Tamaki campus which is nearer to my flat. Tamaki campus has my sport science subjects, but not my electives such as Medsci and Psych which are held in the city campus. My train fare to Tamaki campus is 84 cents one way whereas to city campus its 2.28 cents one way. (i buy the 10 pass which is $8.40 and $22.80 respectively, hence the odd cents value). Guess what? the train was slightly delayed, so i got to my campus just in time to board the free shuttle bus to the city campus. I ran to the bus and managed to catch it on time.

There was a terrible jam on the motorways (highways) so the bus reached city campus quite late as well, so i ran to attend my first ever lecture of the semester MedSci 142 only to see a nice piece of paper pasted on the doors of the lecture hall ( MEDSCI 142: Lecture starts tomorrow here, same time). haha...owell anyway, my Medsci lab is in the hospital which is about 15-20 mins walk from the city campus. since lecture was cancelled, i decided to take a slow walk to the hospital. On normal days id have to rush there after lecture coz i only have 20 minutes to get there. i reached there about 10 minutes before my lab was supposed to start and there was a LONG queue at the entrance. you need to get a pass to enter the hospital and for that i paid $10. Luckily this is valid for my entire 3 years. When i finally got the card, and got shuffled around a bit because they thought my surname was E-Ling instead of Siah, i was almost half an hour late for lab. Entering my lab class, they gave me a pair of surgical gloves and a labcoat and shoved a DEAD RAT ON A TRAY into my hands! I stared at it in horror and realised that class had already started and the lecturer was rambling on about internal organs. I found the nearest empty seat, and when i sat down the lecturer announced "Ok theory over. Now let's dissect!" Great, i'm entirely clueless.

Dissection was fun except for the part where the rat smelled awful! I punctured a couple of blood veins here n there making my rat all bloody so i couldnt quite see the organs clearly. my gloved hands were all bloody making it look like ive just attempted surgery. Then, the lecturer said "now based on your dissection, draw out the diagram of internal organs. Right. all i saw was BLOOD RED. Nvm..i stole sideways glances at the nice kiwi girl next to me, since she borrowed my eraser. And I managed to somewhat get the outline of everything.

And then, haha...as if the day wasn't bad enough, the nice lab asisstant came around and handed out multiple choice answer sheets! There was a test! and it was going to be graded! oh my God!!! I could have laughed if i wasn't so extremely nervous. Turned out quite okla. I actually got some of the things he said during the dissection so i probably got 5/10 right. I think.

After that, no amount of washing could remove the stench on my fingers. I came home and washed my hands once with body soap and again with hair shampoo just so i can use my hands to eat a cookie.

Yea after that i had one psych lecture which was just introduction, no big.
rainbows happen very often here, coz of the rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine erratic weather :)


Kenn3th Kh@w said...

ooo. i thought somebody would have mentioned that to you. Outside of Asia, your name is Karen E. Siah. Get use to it girl. :)

galnexdor said...

ahah yea i knew that but they arranged me in the wrong class not me...ahaha

quite funny im KE Siah...ahahah

Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

It's alright, u'll get used to it. Good thing u hav an English name. Ppl over here call me Wen. :p
Btw, what course r u doing exactly? U went from doing business marketing to dissecting rats?? :-O

galnexdor said...

hahaha sport and exercise science...

but i have one MedSci elective...:)

..melanie.. said...

erghhh...i hate rats! good job on killing one ren-ren! lol.

Tisha said...

Keep lemons,then just use the juice to get rid of the smell.
Works for any smells most of the time!!