Thursday, July 24, 2008

team games

i think sometimes my biggest fear is failing other people. not failing myself, failing others. to be the cause of failure. the obstacle between another person and their goal.

yea, the thought of that scares me senseless.

which is the reason why i think i'll never enjoy team games unless i know for sure that i absolutely rule in it. then i'll be the cause of victory.

that i can handle.

that's my ego problem.


jote said...

Ah.. I feel you there.
It's a pretty miserable feeling when you feel as though you're the reason the team lost..

And 131days 23hours 54minutes 55seconds sounds like such a long way away.. =/

galnexdor said...

haha i knoww...well its better than 132...which is better than 133...which is better than 134...

yup, thats how i live my days day at a time...:)