Friday, July 25, 2008

14 days

i've been here for 14 days now.

first week of uni has officially been experienced. and i have learned brains had better get its scientific wheels oiled or else i'm so doomed. i have left science behind for so long its not funny. i actually found myself missing the simple straightforward theories of consumer behaviour and marketing of services. i guess for now things are at its very basic because it is the introduction chapter and such. but i am bracing myself for much deeper, heavier material to come my way and i had better be able to stomach all of it. i try to comfort myself that I am doing semester 2 subjects first and that is technically a tad harder than semester 1 subjects. then again, self pity isn't gonna get me anywhere, so growing up and taking it like a right minded 22 year old should be my game plan.

how have i been getting along? peachy.

i have explored my cullinary skills quite a bit, i do believe i can kau tim dinner for my family when i get home without sending anyone to the toilet to barf or purge. =)

i've also shaken off the fear of eating alone. in fact eating alone these days are much looked forward to because it means i can shamelessly cook things for myself without embarrassment. Shermayne is a great chef, so i try to stand back and manage the easier tasks such as wash up, slice cabbages, chop garlic, etc.

on top of that i've been going places too, by myself no less. the train is my horse and google earth is my rising sun. i rely on google earth so much these days. i gave away my map of auckland city to a lost looking passerby on Monday. she and her son looked Chinese, could be Malaysian, or Singaporean, i dont know. so yea, google earth has been my life saviour.

and i walk a lot. i climb stairs and hills a lot. i come back with very sore feet everyday that running has lost its appeal, even if the finish line of my run is Mount Wellington. I give excuses like its getting dark soon, or it looks like it's going to rain, but really it's because my feet hurt. oh and because i'm sleepy. or hungry. or just plain lazy.

i am not constipated which is a very true indication of good dietary habits. because the moment i don't eat right, i get constipation. hence, no worries to all at home, Karen is eating and living healthily despite her minimal knowledge in cooking.

what else? oh i got a job! at Meadowbank School as a gymnastics coach! haha though it's probably only 3 days a week. and 3 hours a day. but yea, i get to teach little adorable ang moh children. what joy!

so yup. i'm all good. i'm not saying i don't have moments whereby i think of home and the convenience of a 24 hour mamak with friends and a boyfriend and coming home to home cooked dinner ready on the table and warm sunny weathers. i do. i'm having one right now as i type, because it's a Friday night and i really don't know what to do. Shermayne invited me to a dessert party where they were selling cakes i think. Fund raiser. I didnt feel like having cakes, neither did i feel like mingling tonight. so yes, i miss home. usually at this ater dinner hour.

but that aside, i'm doing just fine. :)
just browsing through some old photos...ahah Rosie darn tahan man in Ice Bar.
and she's got her nice gimrama fingers up for the 2nd picture. and Gene's got her lips pursed up for some reason. I was...dark.very dark. ahahah...


kev said...

Haiya when alone, go look at old pictures some more, lagi more lonely. Wah so nice can get a job that you would enjoy. Well done. Thought you would be frying chips in McDs or stocking products in supermarket aisles. See how the NZ children compare to our Malaysian ones.

Jackie Voon said...

That's the whole point why ppl say that those from science can do finance..but those from finance..erm...will find it very hard to do science. Don't give ur science back to teachers just yet!

shirlyn said...

congrats on ur job!! must be really fun teaching ang moh kids! hahaha...

ohhh..the old pics...i wonder when's the next time we all get to sing karaoke again....

take care of urself ren!! miss u..