Wednesday, September 26, 2007

who am i

who am i
but a simple girl in a plain tee
sipping on teh o ais with glee
talking about what i did today
because i never know what to say

who am i
but a girl whose sun kissed skin
tells the places where i've been
far from fine restaurants and fancy bars
but i have gazed at and slept under the stars

who am i
but a girl whose nails are slightly chipped
on which the polish are slightly stripped
a far cry from perhaps your ideal
but whose penitence is real

who am i
but someone of the past
wishing i had made it last
knowing that it'll never come true
for who am i, but not the person for you

haha yes i'm good...just a significant recipient....:)


dektos said...

Haha.. yes karen.. you're good.. good as in writing poems... somehow I kinda like this one a lot...

galnexdor said...

ahahah thank u dektos...:)

your knight in shining armor said...

26th september. no recipient? yea right, u wrote this right after you talked to me =)

galnexdor said...

ahahhaha i talked to u early 27th september la dear...

theo said...

who you are
yes, a dimpled girl with hair to trim
teeming joyous to the brim
taking timeout daily to play
to have your say, surely you do not have to pray

who you are
yes, a girl whose idea of fun is a basking outting
with each passage, the skin and place carve its mapping
what is fine dine and bars
but to steal your star-filled nights that are above par

who you are
yes, a girl whose email(id) has never slipped
neither has our bullish sentiments ever dipped
(you may not know) your ideals are indeed real
fraught with shortcomings, we, a little frail

who you are
yes, someone out of a blast, but of the past(?)
is there a thing (in this world) that lasts(?)
yea, the angel of truth
who has any remembrance, is cast into the ground to rue

sorry, i'm gooey...just a little tip-toeing...for some late nite nonsense...LOL

Abu Soffian said...

Wah which one you will join? Powerman ka Trailblazer ka? You memang power la