Friday, September 07, 2007

Dear Theo

in reply to this.

I'll tell you that I'm not a Piscean
rather, a hard headed Bull of a Taurian
I'll tell you that at most times this isn't me
guard down, weak, hopeless and sappy
I'll tell you that this side of me is rare
as a reader you've front row view over there

But I'll tell you that this scene has played before
that I had once been shown the door
I'll tell you in due time my stories galore
Just wait, read on, and ask no more


I finally ran my carefully planned out 8 km route today. it was a slow time of 47 minutes. and now my right leg is feeling a bit funky underneath the calf. go figure.

I'm going for Metro Camp tomorrow! Considering this is my last semester in college, the kiasu in me had taken the initiative to involve myself in just about any event in college. And thus far, I've no regrets!


kev said...

Yalah, so kiasu! Everything also want!

Don't worry about the funny feeling in your legs lah. It's very common to feel a bit weird after you increase your training, although you have fairly well done beyond those distances at races. Just like after races, you have to recover also...

theo said...

oh man, what have i gotten into,
on your turf to be given star treatment too,
but surely you are the star we all converge to,
for if not for you, i may not known whereto.

oh what a bull and a contrarian to what i surmise,
that your persona belie,
maybe the stars are not to be taken but full of surprise,
that is to me but a sly.

this front row seat is anything but warm,
i have neither the craft nor the guile to pounce,
if there is any vantage point at this point,
sweat not, for not i will come unannounced.

indeed wrenching to hear and to be told the door,
as to what it holds i have no clue,
but i shall bide and wait as the poor,
to be given deeper insights as time come unglued.

today i am indeed honoured,
to be given the honours,
headlining this fantabulous site,
behold, what a sight, is this not our newfound rite?

galnexdor said...

ahah stumped...:)

thanks so much for the poems...i rarely find another who writes them too...