Thursday, September 20, 2007

happy birthday julie

time and space has come in between
what was once there now could not be seen
a friendship so strong that bound us together
somehow loosened as we drifted from each other

but the times we spent back in the past
as two besties would forever last
and though we find it hard to go back
of the present time we have i'll keep track

maybe we'd be best friends again, maybe not
but friends we will be, nothing short
and sooner or later we'll both find
that i'll always have your back, as you'll always have mine

have a happy 21st birthday, ju. i wish you many more good grades to come, ultimate strength to endure the ldr, and everything you've always wanted to come your way...[sounds so cliched haha...]. just have a good one!

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Jul said...

thanks karen :)