Monday, September 03, 2007

post convention 10km run

I was mad enough to sign up for a 10 km run the morning after my convention for 2 reasons:
1. it was the last race before the fasting month starts. there's Mizuno wave, but I wont be around for that.
2. i desperately needed to destress and unwind and nothing quite does it like a looonnnggg run.

So on Sunday, I joined my entire family in the Shah Alam 10km run. At 6.30 am on a slightly wet cold morning, the aches and sores of sleep deprivation, mind racking days and mental fatigue really takes a toll on one's body. I had sore legs, i was yawning every 10 minutes and honestly i did not feel fit enough that morning. My remedy? Powergel Double Latte! 2x Caffeine!

But when race started, my heart burned barely 20 minutes into the race. I kept a constant pace and willed myself to go on. slowly i found my momentum and i picked up a little speed. Things looked better henceforth.

Then came the final roundabout before the finishing. I followed the crowd and made a 3 oclock turn just like any other rational runner would do because the finishing was that way. But the marshal there stopped me and made me go up 12 oclock instead. And i obediently obliged. But as i was running up, the runners returning from that 12 oclock turn told me i was going the wrong way. In the end i gave up, turned around and started walking. I told myself, if Mr Loke passes me by then i'd start running again because Mr Loke was just several steps ahead of me before the roundabout.

Keith passed by, looking strong as usual. then Mr Loke passed and i started to run again. When i crossed the Finish and surprise, surprise...i got 6th place! that proved how few people took part in this run. But i'm not complaining...6th place made me RM400 richer! prizes and i are getting along pretty well this time around. :)

Now that the convention's done, I should really start training for the marathon. I need to log in 40 kms of running in a week. And at least 2 times RPM since Powerman is coming up too. And I suppose once a week trail running would be very apt since Trailblazer is also coming up (on the same weekend as Powerman, nonetheless). so let's see...

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I shall run my upgraded training route of 8 kms.
Tuesdays and Thursdays I shall slot in an RPM session.
Saturday evenings I shall try to do a long run of no less than 10-15 kms with Isaiah hopefully *hint hint*.
Sunday mornings will be Bt Gasing trail running day with daddy dearest.

whoa...i'm exhausted just planning it. let's see how well i carry this out. =)


kev said...

You've done the second hardest thing already... the hardest thing is of course ACTUALLY executing the plan... hahhah. All the best. Remember, it's all worth it when you cross the finish line.

galnexdor said...

ahhahaha i'll let you know when ive done a FULL week...=)

xwp said...

hey gal...

verifying here that it is you that was standing in front of me when we were waiting to redeem the cash...=) i knew u looked familiar . =) .i took 2 photos of u when u r at the stage for the medal.. mailed to u later on..=)

galnexdor said... are?

galnexdor said...

thanks for taking the photos...=)