Tuesday, September 04, 2007

tell me

tell me you're doing okay in life
tell me that heartache you survived
tell me a new chapter has begun
just don't tell me that i'm not the one

tell me that your job is great
although often it's got you working late
tell me you miss home and everything
just don't tell me it's not me you're missing

tell me all about your day today
tell me all that you have to say
tell me even about the little bits
just don't tell me i'm not part of it

tell me now that you need to go
and you'll say to me take care, i know
tell me don't worry, we'll talk again
just don't tell me it'll never be the same

*edit* I realised i wrote another poem entitled Tell Me not too long ago.


dan said...

hey, u came up wif dat urself?

kev said...

Once again, I'm not interested in your emo poems... hahhah, but come to tell you something 'more important'. Eh, Powerman is on the SAME day as Trailblazer lah. The Powerman website updated already, with event details and all. Choose wisely ;)

galnexdor said...

daniel: yup

kor: NOOOOO! :( why why why.....yer....*sniff*

enghan said...

haha I feel you Karen...

galnexdor said...

hey mr ng...

surprise to see u still read my blog...:)

going thru the same thing? haha

theo said...

tell me your persona is like the ocean,
for your poem is all gut wrenching,
tell me you are a piscean,
for your poem is ever so touching.

tell me your poetic demeanour is all real,
for whatever you express is all a thrill,
tell me this is the true reflection of your mind,
for that we would like to probe further if you dont mind.

lol karen...