Monday, September 24, 2007

the 53.7 km ride

i finally went cycling. as in a training ride, not a racing one. and i now know where i stand - waaaaaay at the bottom. yea...i'm a slow cyclist. i am in dire need of more training.
coming down the hill, which they made me go up painstakingly for the 2nd time just to take this shot

Anyway, on Sunday i joined Andy, Sue and Choon Yean for a ride at Hulu Langat. We started at about 8.30 am or so. The whole ride took about 2 hours 53 minutes. And we covered a distance of 53.7 km. The sun was especially hot at about 11 am. and the hills of Hulu Langat was quite treacherous. The fact that i was the slowest cyclist amongst them made me cycle alone most of the time. picture this - hot hot late morning sun. uber steep hills. alone on the highway. doesn't sound too fun aye? haha...but i had fun. i wasn't alone that much. i usually catch up with the rest pretty quickly. i think.
promote powerbar la what else...:)"so fast again? tsk tsk...sue sue..."

but the bottomline is i rode and i completed. and i'm so glad i did!ren, andy, sue at the Hulu Langat dam. the reason we cycled up and down those wicked hills


tryathlete said...

well done. do it more often and you'll soon get better and faster.

galnexdor said...

haha thanks...:)

ando said...

you did well ren !!