Monday, September 27, 2010

The heart is an idiot

There's a saying which goes "The heart wants what the heart wants". Something like that.

I haven't written an emo post here in a while. Perhaps it's time I did.

So my latest take on Love is that the heart is an idiot. Because it has no rationale, no forethoughts, no reason, no nothing. It just wants what it wants. It lunges, headfirst into pits of fire. It dives into troubled water. It battles uncertainty and doubt if only at the tiniest chance of obtaining whatever it wants.

In a way, the heart is strong. It weathers just about anything that gets in its way. It can withstand criticism, it can take insult. It defies orders from the mind to a degree that puts the biggest teenage rebel to shame. It can turn bullshit into reality and reality into bullshit. It picks what it wants and that's that.

The heart is resilient. It usually doesn't stop until it gets what it wants. Even if it meant getting pierced, torn up, or shredded into a million pieces. The heart is never shy and it never will be. Once bitten, it pummels forward with even greater desire than it started with. The heart never learns from mistakes because the heart never makes them. Only the mind does. The mind makes them, and tries to hold the heart back, but the heart always emerge victorious.

The heart cannot be tamed, though many of us often try to. We hide our hearts under blankets of denial and lies. We try to silent it by drowning ourselves in work, in alcohol, in exercise, in loud music. But at the very back of our minds, we hear it's muffled cry.

The heart wants what the heart wants. That's the problem.


Jonathan said...

That's the problem.

theo said...

Hmm...don't be so harsh on the heart. It's all you have. Follow it. At measured pace.