Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm a geek. (So lame post titles are excused).

Lately, since my flatmate generously increased our bandwidth quota for us and will continue to pay for us for it, I've been discovering more and more awesomeness of my phone. Let me show you how geeky I've become.

Has an Android phone. Check.
Has a phone which reads out her incoming text messages. Check
Downloads free apps and will always find a use for it. Check.
Brags excitedly about new app features to friends when they come online on her phone. Check.
Constantly browses through the Android market for new apps. Check.
Reads e-forums on apps and does comparisons. Check.
Sees $6 for 50MB data pack and goes "Whoa!". Check.
Relies on phone to tell her whether or not to do laundry. Check.
Tweets random tweets just because she can. Check.
Spends hours on Facebook on her phone. Check.
Gets disappointed when there are no new notifications on Facebook on her phone. Check.
Sees green light as new text msg, blue light as new Tweet mentions, orange light as Gtalk message, aqua light as Ebuddy MSN msg. Check.
Gets addicted to her phone. CHECK.
Darling, when you bought me this phone, you weren't just buying me a means to communicate. You got me unlimited hours of entertainment, moments of OMG, and potential to become socially averse. =)

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theo said...

Q: Why do girls suddenly mouth "dahlin" when they get some sexy gifts from their bfs?

A: Don't ask