Monday, September 13, 2010

semester break

2 weeks of semester break went by really quickly, which was expected I guess. I've been in uni long enough to know that 2 weeks of semester break versus 2 weeks of exams, the latter never quite fly by like the former.

But in saying so, I've been in to uni possibly 8 days out of the 14 day break. Which I think is something to shout about by my standards. I've done a bit of research, a bit of reading, a bit of data collection, a bit of data analysis, and a bit of journal researching. My my...after 5 years in uni I'm finally starting to sound like a student.

Anyhoos, the break was good. I relaxed, and worked out, did some extra hours at work. And to cap it off, I went to the snow again with Zhi and friends. It was good fun...I thoroughly enjoyed the hike up the snow. Best part of it was when it actually snowed at the top! I've never really seen snow fall from the sky, so that's like a first. It was amazing! Really beautiful! For once I wasn't too bothered about the bitter cold that bit my skin. I just stared at the little pieces of white fluff flying at me at really high speed! (Actually the weather was getting bad at that point, and we had to turn around before we could reach the summit). And certain parts of the mountain had soft, fluffy snow on the ground which made our feet sink right in when we step down. But yeah, it was pretty awesome.
Can u see the snow? =)How far we climbed...gorgeous innit?

It was back to uni today, and I really had to tear myself away from my bed. I wasn't feeling particularly sleepy or anything, in fact, for some reason my eyes just opened at about 6.50 am, and alertness just came to me for no reason at all. But I dreaded going back to class. heh.

Owell. 6 more weeks of school. 2 weeks of exams. =)

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