Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I was having one of those crummy days today. It started with me waking up waaaay before my alarm (again). And I had one of those boring lectures for Sport Psych, where I couldn't keep my eyes open. Luckily there was no tutorial today, so that gave me some extra time to come back, and cook myself some lunch. I then took a nap, and went back to uni to do some more data collection.

I spent an hour capturing videos and taking snapshots when the computer decides to FREEZE and I wasn't able to save any of my work. Great. I had to leave the lab after that because a class was coming in. Frustrated (and hungry) I decided to drive to Greenlane to get some breads and buns from the Asian bakery over there. I spent $10 on comfort food, something I am not proud of. I then rushed back, got changed and had to leave for work again.

In my haste, I scratched Jack Jack (which is my car, btw) on the side of my concrete wall. Bummed out, I went to work, listless and a little lacking in energy. I then realized I had to cover a colleague's shift tomorrow from 10-1, which was in between my classes. Which was something I agreed to over the holidays, but forgot about it until tonight.

And...so, yea. Pretty bad day. Movenpick Swiss Chocolate ice cream made it a tad better though. =)

I think what triggered the crumminess this morning was seeing Facebook flooded with Raya open house photos, and my bestest friends having a great time in Bali, and the thought of my family going to Pangkor...the homesickness I've been holding up pretty well for sometime just came flooding right back. Sigh, I'm such a baby.

On a sillier note, there is the most ridiculous TV show here which my flatmates and I religiously follow every Tuesday night. It's called Daisy of Love and it features the most bimbotic, shallow, annoying, kinky, shallow, cheesy, tacky, jockish, people in the realm of Rock. It's about a blonde, big boobied, plastic lipped girl called Daisy in search for love. And all these strapping, buffed men, with tattoos and piercings all over their bodies, practically tripping over themselves and each other to win Daisy's love. It's so stupid, we actually love watching it.Sometimes I just cringe at the sight of these men trying to do anything they can for her. Call me conservative, but I really do not like to see men in that light. Sure, I like the guy to be romantic and chivalrous, but to sit around and watch this dimbo stick her tongue down one guy's mouth to another right in front of you...i think it is plain wrong. Guys should have more pride than that. So should girls. heh.

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-3niGma- said...

awww babe... we'll see u soon hunnie...