Monday, November 02, 2009

yes I can!

When I ran my first marathon last year in KL, I targeted 4:30 with my weekly mileage barely hitting 16 kms a week. The people around me kinda laughed and gave me a "she has no idea" look. I ended up finishing it in 4:52. My legs felt like they were run over by a bus. But i was proud as hell because everyone said a sub-5 hour time for my first marathon was quite a feat.

Then I ran my second marathon 9 months after that in Singapore. I figured, flat route, inspiring competitors, plus a little more training under my belt during the 5 months I spent in Auckland before that (32 km off road mountain challenge included), and boyfriend support too, 4:40 should be a good target. I completed it in 4:27. My legs felt like they were stomped over by elephants. But i was still proud as hell because that's almost a half an hour improvement from the last one!

Yesterday, I ran my third marathon, here in Auckland. I thought, well, Singapore was real flat, and Auckland has some hills. Plus, it's gonna be cold. Sure I've had a little more training than last year, but I didn't want to be too eager. And I had only decided to do it about a week ago. Oh and I only had one Powergel left. So I targeted about 4:25.

I had a bowl of Vogel's cereal with soymilk for breakfast at 4.30 am. I boarded the 5.20 am ferry across the shore to Devonport where we will be doing about 18km of the course before we run across Harbour Bridge to the city center. I was really psyched. Weather wasn't actually too bad, was about 15 degrees. I managed to have a go at the portaloo, something i don't usually do, but what the heck. I went to the start line and did some stretches. And then it was gun off at 6.10 am.

I had my ipod with me with a new songlist I created the night before. It kicked off with Marvin's Ain't No Mountain High Enough. =) I felt pretty strong. Started scoping the surroundings of someone to pace with, but decided on just running this race by my own pace. The first part of the route was undulating with hills but not very steep ones. Either that or my 3 times a week run up the hill from Mission Bay back to my house has really paid off. My first 10km split was 53:34 . I thought, okaaay, am I going too fast? But I'm too stubborn to listen to even my own conscience. So i kept at it.

Second 10km split was 55:14. Had just run over the bridge and it was quite exciting! I wonder if Penang Bridge felt that way too. I was feeling slight aches in the arch of my right foot, and under the ball of my left foot. But I tried not to think about it too much. The scenery was too good!

Then I saw the 4 hour pacer man. And I thought to myself, maybe I should just run with him. And see how far i could go. If i find his pace too fast I would slow down. Or not...=) I ran with the 4 hour pack and what'dya know, I was breezing through. My third 10km split was 56:29. At this point I hadn't even realise that I had lost the 4 hour man. Whether or not he had gone ahead of me, or I had overtaken him, I really didn't notice. I was on a roll! I was in my own world really, silently singing to my music, and feeling really happy about the fact that i was still clocking under 6 min/km times.

At about km 35 I saw the 4 hour man again as he ran past me. Which meant I had overtaken him earlier on. And I must be slowing down. At this point I decided I was going to do sub-4 if it meant sprinting to the finish line 1 km away. The plan of action was to keep up with this 4 hour pack till 40km, then break away and nail it.

At 38 km, my impatience got the better of me. I really really wanted to finish this race in under 4 hours and tell everyone about it! So i thought "Screw the 4 hour man, let's bring this home!" And I ran. As fast as my really aching legs could carry me, I ran to the finish line. And made it.

I'm still trying to believe that I actually ran a marathon in under 4 hours. Because that goal wasn't supposed to be achieved till perhaps next year. My legs feel like...well the pain is indescribable. But like my brother said, maybe I finally ran at my fullest potential. And yes, I am still in a state of euphoria till today. And i think I will be for the next few days.

For full results visit here and for more photos and videos visit here.
Oh exam this morning was pretty good. Milo was right. Badan cergas, minda cerdas. Take home message of the year. =)


tryathlete said...

wow! congratulations.

hope to follow in your footsteps. my kl marathon this year was 4:52 and i'm targetting 4:30 at singapore. now you've raised the bar even higher.

well done!

blacktoes said...

Incredible, keep it up

RosiE said...

Congrats girl!!!~ ^^

u hav so much determination! i envy u!!! =.=

Sher Mayne said...

u're a machine!!!!! good stuff!!!

and to imagine that you sat for an exam the next day?? truly a trooper!!! RESPECT!!!

galnexdor said...

tryathlete: eat nutella! and jelly beans! =) see u at singapore!

daddy: thanks!

rosie: haha...its kiasuism!

shermayne: u can do it too!!!

lilycheah said...

geeengchiaaoooo la karen!! woot wooot!

galnexdor said...

heee thanks li!