Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Singapore Marathon 2008

This is a really cool site which tells my position, pace, location on race map and other statistics! Singapore Marathon is SO COOL!

The last time i ran 42.195 km was the KL International Marathon in March this year. It was my maiden marathon and I had targeted 4:30. People gave me the she-has-no-idea look. I ended up clocking 4:52. People said it was not too shabby for a first time. I was left in a lot of pain, could barely walk, yet I had to suck it all in and go to work right after the race.

This time, i figured the following.
1. Singapore's flat, not hilly.
2. Kauri run was an amazing strength training.
3. My running route in Auckland is a tad longer and has hills as wells.
4. I had lost some weight, hence I'm lighter.

So I thought 4:40 was a good target. In the morning I spotted Andy, Sue and co, which was amazing coz the place was packed like sardines in a tin. 15,000 marathon runners, so I heard. Walking in, I spotted Sam! Yay, I didn't have to run alone! =)

There were so many people, that when the gun fired, Sam and I were still miles away from the start line. We only reached the start line about 6 minutes after gunstart. In the beginning it was all good. Sam had his usual antics, making smart comments about other runners, talking about life and all. Weather was great.

First 10km and I clocked about 1:12 according to my watch. Hmm...that's not too good, I thought. But i kept at that pace anyway. It wasn't until Sam pointed out somewhere along the way, that I realised I had subconsciously upped my speed progressively.

Running in Singapore is really an experience. For one thing, there were sooooo many runners, that 25 km into the race, I was still running with the pack. I think it only trickled down at about the 30 km mark. Also, there are sooooo many trees! The whole route is shaded and we ran along the coast so it was nice n breezey. And, the women! The women were really really good. I'm not used to seeing so many women who were so hard to overtake! I was constantly thrashed by hot, sexy women in mini mid riffs, and even minier shorts. Princess looking girls in Singapore are NOT what they seem.

At about 18 km or so, I lost Sam at the drinking station. At about 23 km or so, I caught up with Andy and Sue. I was feeling really strong that morning, for some reason. I wasn't feeling any pain or fatigue, nothing! I just felt stronger and stronger. And when I realised I can definitely meet a 4:35 target, I was so happy I ran even faster. I was on an overtaking spree, and the great support from the audience (there were heaps of people all the way along the running route, cheering for their own loved ones) were boosters too!

I ran on, and spotted Alex Au-Yong somewhere ahead, and I tried to catch up, but amidst the crowd he disappeared!! Later on I found out I had overtaken him without realising it. I was running alone, but I never felt so motivated before. I just kept on going, taking quick sips at every drink station but never stopping for more than 30 seconds.

My toes were a little painful but apart from that I felt no pain. And no fatigue. I could run forever! It was amazing. I ran past the 4:45 Adidas pacers. I overtook every Team Monash runner I could see, and every other Princess looking girl. Ain't no way I'm losing to someone who looks like THAT, I always say. I was on a roll~!

Finally, I came in through to the finish. The official clock showed 4:33, but my own watch showed a time far sweeter. I really couldn't believe it...
04:27:34 baby~!
After the race, naturally every ounce of pain came over me like a ton of bricks. My legs felt almost paralysed, my heart banged against my rib cage, my throat felt coarse, but my spirits were high!!! =)



Stupe said...


Well done on the timing. :)

galnexdor said...

heheee....thanks stupe! =)

kev said...

Ya, I think you are probably the ONLY participant who ran descending times from the 10km to the 42km. Well done!

Sub 6 minute per km pace for GE30K?

-xander- said...

congrats! forget to tell u im still in sg though >.<

going back to sj today.. =D

galnexdor said...


valeriechuan said...

congrats!..looks like a fun race to me too! ya know i realised when we shed some kilos we tend to perform better? hahahaha...

jote said...

Heyy! Congrats woman! Tearing up your own personal best AND beating 88% of the men along the way.. hahaha. Well done la

galnexdor said...

haha yea its a real fun race...=)

thanks thanks...yup 88% of men...that statement made my day....=)

Teoh Yew Aun said...

Miss Siah,
Nice work....Raj and I are proud of you..... Semangat....

Do send us the pics you took of us...

galnexdor said...

hey teoh...i didnt take any photos of u la...wasnt my camera...=)