Saturday, December 27, 2008

what i've been up to

I've been so busy since i got home from Auckland, i haven't really found time to sit down n blog a decent post. strangely though, when people ask me "what have u been up to?" i always fail to come up with something better than "nothing much" because when I think of it, i've really been doing nothing much. So let's just recap on some of the things I've been poking my butt into in the past month. omg have i been home for a month already?

First, there is, of course, the girlie's night out with Lyn n Rosie, which is always always always fun. Night filled with laughter and warm moments to touch our hearts as we sit around a cosy little restaurant in Bangsar and savour the yumminess of Chocolate Mixed Berries Meringue, catching up with each other's lives.
Then, naturally there's going out with muh homies, Julie, Anne, Ven Nee, Weng Lum, Pei Jien, Kenny and Han Yang. The silly witty conversations that go on among these silly witty friends are definitely what I wish I could can and bring to Auckland with me.
Somewhere amidst the days I managed to squeeze in Julie-Karen hang outs, which was always refreshing and definitely something I had always been able to count on. There was even a Julie-Karen-Soonseng hang out one night which was pretty fun too.
And then there was the one night Ashwin asked me out for a drink, and it became a different sort of meet up because before we could sit, we were joined by my friends, and then when they left we went and joined my boyfriend and his friends, so Ashwin, sorry about that. :P we'll go out and talk long long another night ok? I was also previleged to catch up with Su Yi and Kevin who were in PJ when I was in PJ, so i managed to have a brief catching up sessions with these 2 Pharmacists.On one of the nights, I was talked into whipping up some pasta in my kitchen for some fellow mates who have been with me through thick and thin albeit in just recent years. Joey, Yanyee, Dektos, Nick and Kailash were around with their usual slightly askewed track of mind jokes and all. Fun time nonetheless.

There is also that great big Family Vacation to Langkawi that was much talked about in the family group email, ping ponged around discussing dates and flight details and what nots. That finally came, and sadly, went. It was an enjoyable trip, and perhaps my being away from my loved ones has made me appreciate the finer things in life because I felt a deep sense of comfort with my family and a slow radiating bitterness that rise up my throat ever so mildly when I think about leaving them again in February.
Christmas was a busy holiday this year as i started the season on the eve with my family's annual dinner at my uncle's house in Ara damansara. It was bustling with kids of all age and size and I couldn't be any happier toddling around with them =) Then it was 10 in the morning on Christmas day with the ACT's The Big Christmas Show. After that a huge sumptuous lunch at Uncle Peter's, as it is every year.

Boxing day saw me up at 7.15 am to prepare for a photoshoot! yeah, earliest photo shoot ever. It was my extended family protrait photoshoot which was different than any other shoot because this time it was outdoors, and my cousin Caryn had gotten her seniors to help out. Everything ran really professionally and I am very impressed by it all.

Last night I rode all the way down to Kajang to meet Melanie and Li Fu and Sophia and a few other friends. Tim was my designated sober driver as we played "100 shots in 100 minute". I only had 18. Epic fail. But it was good fun which led me to sleeping with my lights on last night.And then, it was just spending time with you whenever possible. I know I have been rather selfish by calling you at every spare moment I can get my hands on, but it's been really great just hanging out with you again. And it'll definitely be a lot harder to leave u again in February, but let's talk about that another day. =)
photo compliments of Caryn Yeo/Jing Tzer

I think I've lost my affinity for photo taking. Should start taking more photos again.'s wishing all of you a great brand spanking new 2009! Work hard, play harder and enjoy yourselves! =)

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