Monday, December 15, 2008

Chin Woo Biathlon 2008

Big family day out for the Siahs yesterday as we all headed to Chin Woo Association in KL for the annual Biathlon. I'm just gonna say it. My family is so cool. All of us took part in the race, even ME who kept complaining about swimming 800m after not touching the pool for more than 6 months. Mummy was there as support crew, and I gotta say, as much as I like being independent and handling stuff all on my own, having a mum to fuss over us, bring us food and water, keeping our wet clothes aside, watching over our things, cheering for us and everything else is pretty pampering. It's not something every racer has on race day, so gotta soak it all in!! =)SO anyway, the race was a first for me as well as for my dad and my big brother. But Keith was the defending champion, and my brother was targeting a podium finish so we were all pretty gung ho about it.
To cut things short, I felt like the wind was kicked out of me after I completed the swim. Was the 3rd last person out of the swimming pool. Took me a while to start running normally. When I finally got my pace and my breathing right, I managed to overtake some runners and finally completed my race. To my surprise, the Astro #304 TV crew wanted to interview me, in Cantonese some more. In the end they spoke to me in English, except when they asked me to say Gong Hei Fatt Choy, San Lin Fai Lok. haha...don't know when they will air it though, if you people watch Astro #304 please keep a look out k?
I found out later I got 2nd place! Surprise surprise. Keith defended his Champion title. Big bro got 2nd as well. =] Had heaps of fun...


le_runner said...

interesting to know your mum as 'team manager' :) congrats to you and your brothers !!!

C-CUBE said...

wow, the Siah siblings are AWESOME indeed.

jote said...

lol.. they should rename it the "Siah Family Biathlon."
Congrats Karen, and to your brothers as well =]

Stupe said...

Family of MUTANTs.

and one of them will be IM-ing next year in langkawi!

galnexdor said...

haha...thanks all...=)

Siah Family Biathlon does have a ring to it..:P

Not mutant la...only one mutant...the IM to be...=)

Jayson Yong said...

eh whos the gal at the no3 pic? doesnt look 2 bad ah