Thursday, November 19, 2009

I want to go camping wei!

While shopping in Dress-Smart yesterday I compulsively bought myself a sleeping bag. This is the Coleman Global 5 sleeping bag and it was going for $80. I reckon that's cheap. I guess at the back of my head I've always wanted a sleeping bag that can withstand colder temperatures because my RM19.90 one from Carrefour probably can only withstand 20 degrees. This Coleman one claims to keeps me warm up to 5 degrees. And it rolls up into a far more compact pouch than my old one too! I love that its a unique bronze colour because I'm sick of the usual blue. I've been playing with it all day zipping it up and down and wrapping myself in's like my new toy!

I am so gonna organize camps next year in Auckland! I really want to go camping! I miss it so so so much! Li Fu says he'll organize a waterfall hike slash camping trip for me! Yay Li Fu!!! I cannot wait!

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jote said...

Ooo.. cantik! I wish I trusted my impulses as easily as you. I saw a great sleeping bag in Bangkok last year, about the same warmth as this one and also rollable into an ultra-compact pouch. Can't remember the brand though. On sale for 1200baht and I DIDN'T BUY IT! WHYYYYYY.

Ahhaha.. enjoy your new toy!