Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Man, I haven't blogged in a week! Which can only mean I actually have a life here post exams. Boo-yah!

I finished my last paper on Friday. It was alright I guess. I don't know. I'm a little over it to care too much. Overall I think I generally did alright, except for maybe one paper which I think was pretty tough. But my internals were quite high for that one so I should be able to pass I guess.

And then it was my last full day at work at Configure. For the year at least. I think it's safe to say I still have both my jobs waiting for me when i come back here next year. Which I think is kinda cool. =) After I finished up work I went for my inaugural manicure experience. My first ever time having my cuticles pushed back and snipped off! I actually was quite shocked when I saw her snip off the first nail cuticle. I never knew that was necessary.
And then it was off to Paihia with Ruth and Erin! I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was short, only 2 days, but i had quite a bit of fun. These 2 girls are so laid back and easy going. I am actually feeling quite emotional about having to say goodbye to them. I know I'll still be able to see them next year, but i don't know if we will be flatting together anymore. People tell me it's not easy to find good flatmates. I want Ruth and Erin to flat with me again. =(

And so with about 10 days left in Auckland, I have been buying bits of souvenirs each day for my favourite people back at home. I've also decided to sell Shrek. Because as much as I love the little green thing, it is making me pay through my nose to maintain it simply because it's too old. Sometimes we have to let go of material things to make way for new ones, aye? I found a buyer already and the best part is he knows everything about cars and I have told him straight up about all the issues I have had with Shrek. So I'm clean. and he still wants it because he thinks he can fix it up. And i'm selling it for as much as I bought it for, which is AWESOME=)

And I'm so undomesticated. Spent a couple of days roadtripping and not cooking any of our meals, and suddenly I don't like cooking any more. When I have a job and my own place, I am going to get catering.

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