Friday, November 06, 2009


Clouded are my thoughts
Frazzled and blurry
And unorganized to say the least
For bits of the past
Are strewn around
As if chewed up by a beast

Mangled are the memories
That lie in my head
Like a pile of photographs on the floor
Images of times
That once made me laugh
Of times that made my heart soar

Taunting are the words
That were once whispered in my ears
Words that now pierce through my heart
Songs that were sung
To remind us all
Of the good times that happened before this part

Feelings of touch
Once warm on my skin
Feelings I find hard to rekindle
Of love I once felt
That surrounded me whole
Now as questionable as a riddle

Wishful thoughts
Now fill my days
With utmost uncertainty
Nervous, unsure, restless
Afraid and hopeful
I anticipate what lies ahead of me

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